Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Found Poem

Found Poem: Your Search


Your search - poets women like -
did not match any documents. Reset
search tools. Suggestions:
* Make sure all words are
spelled correctly. * Try different
keywords. * Try more general keywords.
* Try fewer keywords.


Alas, the search tools
are not mine. They belong
to cybergnostic corporations.
All the words were spelled
correctly, poets women like.
Different keywords might
garner answers I don't seek:
scissors tailors hate.
Keyword Montgomery, Keyword
Patreus, Keyword Eisenhower,
Keyword Patton. Fewer key-
words: poets women; poets;
women; poets like; women like;
like; women.

Copyright 2010 Hans Ostrom


Unknown said...

wonderful found poem... maybe if you try 'poets like women' or 'women like poets' you'll get some hits... half in jest, eh?
let's keep on with finding words for found poetry.

Hans Ostrom said...

Great idea--poets like women, women like poets; thanks for stopping by. I'll visit your blog.