Monday, February 23, 2009

The Ambitionator

The Ambitionator

Climb into the Ambitionator. Hear it
power up. Strap yourself in. Adjust
the goggles. On the screen, see your
dreams come true. Feel the force
of being in charge. Hear the acclaim.

Oops, time to power down. No,
I'm afraid it's just a ride. Yes,
you have to get out. No, you're
not anyone special. That's why
the ride feels so good. Yes,
you'd have to get in line again,
buy a ticket. If I were you, I'd
find a cafe, sit down, and be
obscure and you. The Ambitionator

is just a ride, my friend. You're
nobody in a carnival. I'm nobody
who works in one. This, my friend,
is the strangest ride of all, our lives.
Copyright 2009 Hans Ostrom
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