Thursday, October 21, 2021

A Place to Live

I did not dream I was
assembling an encyclopedia
of of all the dreams I'd dreamed.

I did dream an old dream
of searching for a place to live
in of all places Davis California--
wandering in a warm anxious
night of delta breezes,
pressed but plodding--
my usual anti-style.
I never find the place, nor
the elusive seminar 
in German that will allow
me to finish the Ph.D.--
retroactively. Short breaths
and writing wake me. 

I've planned
tonight to dream about your
dream--that spectacular one,
full of light--vibrant street
stirring, with that strange
person in a dark cafe 
who asks to know all about
your life but won't listen. 

If this doesn't sound like
something you'd dream,
please tell your subconscious
mind to text me
from the Cloud, and I will
explain further, but the main
thing is I hope you've 
found a place to live. 

hans ostrom 2021

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