Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hosting a Holiday Party

 (there are gathering you want to have, and then gatherings you more or less must have)

So: so-so society came by my abode
to socialize, leastwise that was the alleged
point of it-all. It-all included greetings,
seatings, standing, talking, offering, listening,
thanking, pleasing.   Things deeply in our minds
stayed deeply, did not venture into air or other
minds by any means.  I socialize because I
pretend it’s pleasurable and play, not
measurable and work.  Socio-lie-zing
is a good thing, if only because solitude,
my preference, needs points of reference
and departure, and departure is what society
undertook after it looked at its watch
and said, This has been but we must be,
thanks for your hospitality, see you
later, thanks again, goodbye.  Sighing,
breathing, much relieving—guide me
to my quiet lair.

Hans Ostrom, 2012
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