Monday, April 11, 2011

Plato, Kant, Life

 This poem is no doubt hopeless incorrect, philosophically, but I had fun playing around with Plato, Kant, and couplets.

Plato, Kant, Life

There is no categorical
imperative or Platonic ideal.

These things do not exist.
They are that. Life is this.

More imaginative than Kant
is God, who does not want,

who makes perfect sense,
who knows the original whence.

Plato imagined he knew
what to make of this stew,

life. His notions were less than ideal.
This stew is terribly real,

not approximation, God knows.
Out of mystery, not forms, creation flows.

We and life are history,
Whereas God is  mystery.

God is neither categorical nor ideal.
God is rather formlessly real.

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