Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Concerning Failure

Concerning Failure
Of all the ways to fail,
trying to succeed has to be
the most interesting. You
get into a vehicle and go fast
west, stop, get out, and know
immediately you're east.
I've pursued many goals
with grim determination
and ended up in a room
that held just grim
determination, a fly, and me.
Meanwhile, success finds me,
or at least it may find you.
At first it seems too light
to be success. You test its
weight. You try to trace
its origin. You wonder what
part you played in its arrival,
exactly. You want to be sure.
Finally you acknowledge that,
yes, success arrived. That's
success for you. It's different
from failure. At least that's
the theory anyway.
Hans Ostrom 2009 Copyright 2009
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