Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Concerning Vanity

[photo of Peter Sellers as Clouseau]

How vain of me to write and post a poem on vanity! Ah, the obscure, vainglorious trap of being a blogging poet.

Vanity Almost Rhymes Fully With Insanity

In those days of my alleged
importance, vanity
was my friend. She
maintained a list

of my accomplishments.
We sipped drinks
and traded admirations,
looking out over a bay.

We wore status
like our clothes.
We decided, vanity
and I, who was good

and worth our time. Once
vanity and I had realized
my importance, however,
I lost vanity as a friend. A

certain evaporation of
illusion left distance
between us. Obscurity
is my pal now. Oh,

obscurity makes me laugh,
and what a reliable friend.
We get together, evenings.
We warmly review

how vanity once charmed
us, the ways in which I was
ordinary at most and not
important back then. And now.

Hans Ostrom Copyright 2008 Hans Ostrom
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